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SODEN Technology Ltd. is an Information Systems consulting and development company in Estonia. The expertise in Information Systems ranges from highly technical competence to in-depth knowledge of system programming.

In today's fast paced technology environment knowing what to use, when and how, can provide you with a competitive advantage you require. SODEN Technology is the key in your success - partnering and relationships, software products and programming services, business solutions and results.


SODEN Technology Ltd. was founded in Tallinn in 1993, and has sustained its focus on systems design and programming. Our biggest and most renowned software product to-date is the SODEN COBOL-98 Client/Server Suite, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) system for the Application Server.

Our emphasis in utilizing the latest techniques and state of the art technologies, our quality service, and our spirit of innovation, is earning us the confidence and trust of an extensive client base, at home as well abroad.

We strive for excellence in:


Today the Internet is becoming a part of our daily lives and its phenomenal growth rate shows no sign of slowing down. Although still largely a medium for information search and retrieval, all manner of goods and services are moving to the web.

SODEN Technology Ltd. provides electronic commerce services intended to assist clients to use network-centric technologies, tools and software environments.